• Arts Commission

  • The Town Council established the Arts Commission in March of 1990 to be the Council's advisory body on matters related to arts and cultural facilities and programs in Danville. The Commission's eight members are all appointed by the Council. In order to better serve the interests of the community's young people, one of the members is appointed from within the Town's student population. Public meetings are held at least once every two months and public participation is encouraged. In addition to its role in implementing policies for community and civic facilities, the Arts Commission also plays a role in implementing several Park and Recreation policies.

    The Arts Commission is responsible for promoting interest and support for the arts within the community at large. Those interested in being an Arts Commissioner do not necessarily need to be experienced in the arts, but the following qualities would be helpful: enthusiasm for, and interest in, the arts; a desire to see the arts recognized and flourish in Danville; devotion to the quality of life issues that the arts can provide; be willing to dedicate enough time to make a difference; ability to apply personal or business talents to the Commission; and a willingness to network with the arts community.

  •     Meetings

    The Arts Commission meets regularly on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Town Meeting Hall, 201 Front Street, Danville. A majority of the Commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


    The Commission shall elect a Chair and a Vice-Chair from among its members. The Chair and the Vice-Chair serve for a term of one year and until the successor of each is appointed and qualified.

        Powers and Duties

    The powers and duties of the Commission are to:

    1. Promote interest and support for the arts within the community;
    2. Establish and serve as principal liaison with the Danville Area Cultural Alliance, whose primary functions are to raise funds for arts programs, assist in the sponsorship and conduct of arts programs, and to serve as a patron support group for the arts;
    3. Inform the community of art and cultural events by the publication of a calendar of art and cultural events;
    4. Serve as a liaison to other regional arts organizations;
    5. Recommend policies regarding art and cultural activities and facilities to appropriate Town Commissions and the Town Council;
    6. Perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by the Town Council.

    The Town Council, when making appointments to the Commission, gives special consideration to persons who are specially qualified by reason of training, experience, interest or involvement in the arts and letters, particularly as related to artistic and cultural activities in the Town of Danville.


        Residency Requirement

    All members of the Commission must be residents of the Town of Danville.

        Role of the Youth Commissioner

    The Town Council appoints one youth commissioner to serve a two-year term on the Commission and represent the interests of Danville youth. The youth commissioner must be a Danville resident of high school age. The youth commissioner has the same obligations and authority of all other commissioners.

        Terms of Office

    The term of office of each member of the Commission is four (4) years unless otherwise determined by the Town Council.