• Info for Contractors

  • License and Insurance needs for Contractors

    • A contractor who wishes to obtain a permit must have an up-to-date Contractor’s License valid for the scope of work proposed.
    • A current worker’s compensation insurance policy is required for any contractor who will have employees on the jobsite at any time.
    • Any contractor or subcontractor who engages in the business of home improvement or who provides goods and services for home improvement must have a Home Improvement Certificate. This can be obtained online at the Contractors State Licensing Board website: www.cslb.ca.gov.
  • Construction & Demolition (C&D) Debris Recycling Ordinance

    To encourage C&D recycling, the Town of Danville has adopted a C&D recycling ordinance. The ordinance requires projects within the Town, where the total construction costs are projected to be greater than, or equal to $50,000, or which involve the construction, or renovation of 1,000 square feet or more, including roofing projects OR demolition-only projects (greater than or equal to 300 square feet) to divert 50% of their job debris from the landfill.   The ordinace requires submittal of:

    1. a Waste Management Plan (WMP) as part of the application submittal requirements for a building, grading, demolition or similar permit; and
    2. Plan compliance documentation must be submitted once the project is completed.

    Mandatory Use of Certified C&D Facilities
    In order to be counted toward the project’s 50% diversion requirement, all C&D waste must be taken to a Certified C&D Recovery Facility.  The Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority (CCSWA) maintains the list of certified facilities. Certified Facilities List for C&D Waste and Recovery and Permitted Recyclers