• Instructors

  • The Town of Danville offers recreational classes for all ages and abilities on a quarterly basis. The Town is looking for enthusiastic, qualified instructors to teach everything from flower design to sports clinics. 


    If you are interested in teaching a course the following information is important.

    Instructor Handbook

    In addition, the following Frequently Asked Questions may be helpful:

  •     How are instructors paid?

    Instructors who teach classes for the Town of Danville are independent contractors. The Town offers a 60%/40% split on resident registration fees. Instructors receive 60% of the resident fee after the class is complete.

        How do I apply to teach a recreation class?

    To apply to teach a class all instructors must complete a Course Proposal for each class and session.

    If you are a new instructor; you must also complete a New Contract Instructor Application.

        What is an independent contractor?

    Town of Danville instructors are independent contractors. An independent contractor creates their own curriculum, provides their own supplies, and staffs their activity entirely on their own. In addition, they set their own hours and budget and are entirely responsible for submitting an invoice to receive payment.

    Independent contractors offer a general service to the public and are required to abide by the terms of their contract with the agency for which they are providing the service.

        When are classes offered?

    The Town offers classes in four distinct sessions.  Instructors must complete a proposal for each session they would like to teach.

    Youth / Adult Session Deadlines and Dates


    Proposal Due Date

    Session Start Date

    Session End Date

    Registration Begins

    Fall 2017 5/17/17 9/11/17 12/22/17 8/14/17 (R)
    8/15 (NR)
    Winter 2018 8/9/17      1/8/18 3/17/18 11/6/17 (R)
    11/7/17 (NR)
    Spring 2018*      10/17/17      3/19/18 6/2/18 Rec Expo: 2/10/18
    Summer Camps 2018* 10/17/17 6/4/18      9/1/18 Rec Expo: 2/10/18
    Summer 2018     




    5/8/18 (R)
    5/9/18 (NR)    

    Fall 2018      5/16/18      9/10/18 12/21/18 8/13/18 (R)
    8/14/18 (NR)

    * The Spring Activity Guide also includes the Summer Camps Brochure as an insert. Course proposals for summer camps must be submitted by the Spring proposal deadline.

    Senior Silver Streak Session Deadlines and Dates
    Session Proposal Due Date Session Mailed Out to Seniors Registration Begins 
    Sep/Oct/Nov 2017 7/07/17 7/28/17 8/15(R), 8/16 (NR)
    Dec/Jan/Feb 2018 10/06/17 10/31/16 11/14 (R) 11/15 (NR)
    Mar/Apr/May 2018 01/05/18 01/31/17    2/13(R) 2/14(NR)
    Jun/Jul/Aug 2018 04/06/18 05/01/17 5/17(R), 5/19(NR)
     Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec 2018  7/6/18  7/27/18  8/16(R), 8/17 (NR)