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    Q: How do I obtain a business license?

    A: Visit the Town's Business License page for details.

    Q: How do I sign up for Bid and RFP updates?

    A: Visit the e-News updates page to subscribe to receive notifications.

  •     Apply for a Business License

    1. Complete a Business License Application Form.
    2. Check to see if you qualify for a Business License Exemption.  If you do not qualify for an exemption, you will be required to submit payment of license fees to the Town of Danville.
    3. If your business is conducted from a residence, you will also need to complete the Home Occupation Application.
    4. If your business sells tobacco products, you must also complete a Tobacco Retailer form as required by Section 7-6.7 of the Danville Municipal Code.
    5. Business Licenses are renewed yearly.

    Your check or your receipt will be your temporary license until your application has been approved. Upon approval, a Business License certificate will be mailed to Danville store fronts only (approximately 3-4 weeks from receipt of application). Your certificate should be posted at the place of business so the public can see that you have a business license. Home Based and Out of Town businesses will receive an electronic copy of their Business License certificates to the email address on file. 

    If you need a business license number to start a business checking account, we can provide a license number within 5 business days upon receipt of an application and check, once it has been approved by the appropriate departments.  Please contact the Business License Department at BL-intown@danville.ca.gov or BL-outoftown@danville.ca.gov to obtain a written confirmation of receipt on your business license application.

        Business License Exemptions

    Businesses that are government exempt must complete a business license application and submit documentation from Federal or State showing exemption.  They are exempt from fees.

    After the first year of starting a business, a business is exempt if the gross receipts are less than $10,000.  Upon renewal in June, submit a copy of the federal taxes for the prior year showing gross receipts under $10,000.  (Only the first page is needed.)  Return the renewal invoice with the Federal tax information.

    File a Business License Exemption Application

    The following criteria meet the Exemption Status:



    Forms Required



    Non-Profit organizations as defined in Section 501 (1), (2) or (3) of the Internal Revenue Code

    IRS or State letter granting exempt status.



    Businesses exempt from local taxation by virtue of the constitution or applicable statutes of the United States or the State of California.

    No form.






    Businesses conducting any entertainment, concert, exhibition or lecture on scientific, historical, literary or charitable subjects within the Town whenever all the gross receipts of any such entertainment, concert, exhibition or lecture are to be appropriated to any church or school or to any charitable purpose within the Town.

    No form.





    Businesses with annual gross receipts less than $10,000 per year.  New businesses must apply for a license for their first year of business - and may request a fee waiver the following year by submitting federal tax return forms by August 15th following the end of license year.

    Schedule C or appropriate federal tax form.



    Businesses which rent or lease no more than four residential dwelling units to others.

    No form.


        Business License Fees

    Business License Fee Schedule

    All businesses serving or conducting business in Danville must have a Business License. This includes contractors, services, or construction obtaining a Town of Danville permit and vendors of the Town of Danville (i.e. consultants, services, or instructors).

    The annual license flat fee is $100.00, plus $4.00 state of CA fee (AB1379).

    For businesses located within Danville, add $10 per full-time employee or full-time equivalent.

    (If you have part-time employees, count 1 full-time equivalent for every 35 hours worked per week and round to the nearest whole number.

    The annual fiscal year for a business license is July 1st to June 30th.

    New businesses that start during the year are pro-rated as follows:

    • Quarter 1: July - September 100% of license fees plus $4 state fee
    • Quarter 2: October - December 75% of license fees plus $4 state fee
    • Quarter 3: January - March 50% of license fees plus $4 state fee
    • Quarter 4: April - June 25% of license fees plus $4 state fee

    Home-based businesses must also submit a Home Occupation Application with the Business License Application.

    Renewal fees are due by July 1st. Penalty charges of 25% of the billed amount will be assessed on August 1st and interest charges at 1.5% will be added each month after September 1st.

    Additional Fees:

    • $25 Transfer of license or duplicate license



        Closing a Business License

    Business licenses are automatically renewed July 1st each year.  Renewal notices are mailed out prior to expiration date.

    If you wish to close out your license with the Town of Danville due to your business closing, moving out of town, or a period of inactivity, please submit a request in writing to avoid being charged the renewal fee. 

    Submit your request to:

    Town of Danville

    Attn: Business License

    510 La Gonda Way

    Danville, CA 94526




        Business License Application
        Home Occupancy Permits

    If you wish to operate a business using your home as your business location, you are required to register and obtain the proper approvals prior to operating the business by doing the following:

  • Request a Business License Listing

  • The Town of Danville will provide a list of current business licenses on file to the public for the cost of $25.00.

    To obtain a listing

    1. Submit a Public Record Request to the Finance Department at the Town of Danville.

    2. Include payment of $25.00.

    The list will include all current businesses on file with the Town of Danville and can only reflect the last 30 days.