• Veterans Memorial Building

  • Located right in the heart of downtown Danville, the Veterans Memorial Building is a central gathering spot for veterans, seniors and the community. Built in 1925, the veterans building hosts meetings and events of our area veterans groups as well as classes and programs for seniors.  In addition, the facility's large community room can be rented by residents for use in special events, such as weddings. 

    In April 2012, the facility reopened to the public following a multi-million dollar renovation/reconstruction project. The work doubled the available space of the building, as well as creating additional office space for the veterans groups and class space for the many senior programs/services offered by the Town of Danville. 

  • Rental Fees:  

    Below is a list of hourly or per use rates for the various amenities at the Veterans Memorial Building.  For a more complete list of costs, including deposit information and hours of usage, click here for a pdf.


    Rooms (Damage Deposit)





    Community Hall A/B/C ($500)





    Community Hall A/B or B/C ($250)





    Community Hall A or B or C ($125)




    Kitchen                                     $68/use $74/use $76/use $34/use
    Classroom/Meeting Room $60/hr $86/hr $120/hr $30/hr
    Art Room (8 max) $24/hr $35/hr $40/hr $12/hr
    Conference Room   (4 max) $19/hr $24/hr $28/hr $9/hr



    Reduced rates available for events sponsored by government agencies.
    A 25% surcharge will be assessed for residents living outside the incorporated Town of Danville limits.