• Maintenance Services

  • The Town of Danville Maintenance Department performs a variety of activities to maintain the Town's infrastructure. Maintenance crews contribute to the overall cleanliness and health of the environment by sweeping streets, maintaining landscaping and keeping creeks and drainage systems free flowing.

  •     Animal Control

    The Town defers all animal control problems and questions to the Contra Costa Animal Control at 925-335-8300. 

    Click Here to open the Contra Costa County Animal Control Website  

        Keep landscape waste in Green Bins

    Residents Urged to keep landscape waste in Green Bins

    The Town of Danville's Maintenance Services is asking residents to make sure that when they rake up their leaves and other yard waste that they make their way into the green bins, rather than being pushed out into the street for the Town to take care of.   Having the debris in the roadway can cause a number of different problems. Some of those include:

            *        Clogging/Damage to storm drains
            *        Traffic hazard
            *        Debris piles attract rodents
            *        Increased costs for dumping

    When the yard waste is picked up by the street sweepers it can no longer be considered green waste. Instead it has to be brought back to the maintenance yard where it remains until picked up at an additional cost to the Town. 

    For more information, contact Maintenance Services Department at 314-3450 or maintenance@danville.ca.gov


        Lost & Found
    The Town of Danville maintains a Lost and Found Department for items left at the Town-owned facilities.

    If your item was lost at the Community Center please call (925) 314-3400

    If your item was lost in one of our Parks or other facilities please call (925) 314-3450.

    Items left over 90 days will be donated.

        Sandbags and Flood Prevention

    In wet weather sand bags available at Town Service Center

    The Winter and Spring seasons in Danville are known to be very wet.  During heavy storm systems, the Town has seen some areas of flooding. In order to combat these events, residents have an opportunity to pick up free sandbags. During the wet season, maintenance officials set up a pile of bulk sand at the Town Service Center, 1000 Sherburne Hills Rd. Bags are made available at the site and individuals may fill up to 20 bags for flood control.

    Persons who have questions about sandbags, or wish to report street-side flooding or tree limbs down during storm situations, contact Danville Maintenance Services at 314-3450. In reporting downed limbs or flooding, please be prepared to give an address or cross street for the issue being reported.


        Storm Drains and Flooding

    Storm Drains and Flooding


    To report a clogged storm drain or flooding:

    During business hours Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm call 314-3450.

    Non-business hours, weekends and holidays call 820-2144.

        Street Sweeping

    Street Sweeping

    The Town of Danville's street sweeping program is funded by your local Stormwater Pollution Control Program to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act. Street sweeping removes pollutants before they drain into storm drains, ditches and creeks which eventually flow into San Francisco Bay. Please use these guidelines to help us untreated keep your environment clean:

    • Park your cars off the street on scheduled sweeping day. Sweeping around parked cars requires more time and is a dangerous maneuver resulting in a large portion of the street that will not be swept.
    • Keep landscape plants pruned back far enough to allow sweepers to sweep against curb.
    • Keep tree branches pruned to a height of 14' above street to allow passage of sweeper.
    • Sweepers are not equipped to pick up large piles of leaves left in the street.
    • Streets that are privately maintained will not be swept by the Town.

    Curb markers have been placed at each storm drain to remind us that only stormwater should enter our street storm drains. If you see someone dumping into a storm drain record as much information about the incident as possible and the parties involved and call 1-800-NODUMPING (1-800-663-8674). If you have unwanted household hazardous wasters, you can dispose of them for free, by calling 1-800-646-1431.

       Sweeping Schedule and Map - On map, center map on your neighborhood and then use the zoom function to fine tune. 

        Streetlight Out

    Streetlights Out or Not Working Properly

    Call 925-314-3450

    When reporting outages, please be prepared to provide the light pole number to assure timely repair of the correct pole.

    The street light pole number is located on the street side of the pole, about 8 feet up from the base.

    Also, please have the address of the pole, the nearest cross street, and a description of the issue. For example, if the light totally fails to go on, or if it flickers or goes on and off randomly.