• General Instructions

    1. Work Must Be Inspected - Phone 925-314-3352 at least 48 hours before starting or resuming work. The inspector will answer questions regarding work related issues. Work without inspection may have to be removed or done over again.
    2. Protection - Provide and maintain enough barricades, lights, signs, flaggers and other safety measures to protect the public in conformance with the State of California Manual of Traffic Controls For Construction and Maintenance Work Zones.
    3. Traffic - A Town maintained road may not be closed to public traffic without the approval of the Town Council. While working, keep one 10-foot wide lane open to traffic; at other times, two 10-foot wide lanes shall be open.
    4. Standards - Work shall be in accordance with the Town Ordinance Specifications and Standard Drawings.
    5. Utilities - Utility relocation is the responsibility of the permittee.
    6. Underground Service Alert (USA) - Phone 1-800-227-2600 prior to excavating in road right of way.