• Grading Permit Submittals

  • If it is determined that you need a permit you must submit the following information:

    1. An application signed by the applicant.
    2. Estimated cost of performing the work and the volume of cut and fill needed.
    3. Four copies of a Grading Plan, prepared by a Registered Civil Engineer.
    4. In some cases a Geotechnical (soils) report and Engineering Geology Report prepared by a Certified Engineering Geologist with experience in this area. (Required for all projects in hillside areas) Check with the grading inspector if you are unsure.


    At this point the Grading Permit fee is calculated. Once the fees have been paid the plans will be Plan Checked (third party review) and, if necessary, a red marked set will be returned to you for corrections. If the plans require revisions, resubmit four sets of the corrected plans. Once the plans have been approved the Grading Permit will be issued and you can start digging.