• Signs Permits

  • The purpose of requiring issuance of a sign permit is to maintain conformance with Town’s adopted Sign Ordinance (Section 32-98) and to assure attractive and architecturally compatible signing throughout Danville’s commercial areas.

    Sign permits are required for all new business signs within the Town. Sign permits may be approved by the Planning Director where no other application is required in conjunction with sign permit review, such as a variance, land use permit, or development plan application.

  • Application Submittal Requirements 

    1. Completion of Planning Division application form.


    1. Payment of fee in effect at the time of sign permit submittal, payable to the Town of Danville.


    1. Three (3) copies of a scaled site plan and drawn to accurately and clearly show:


      1. All property lines with distances.
      2. Outline and dimensions of all buildings and structures related to the use or activity to which the subject signing relates.
      3. Location of all existing signs and all proposed signs. Clearly designate existing signing and square footage. (Photographs may be used)
      4. The site plan shall include a complete list of all signing, existing, and proposed signing, indicating:
      5. Type (wall, roof, freestanding, canopy, under canopy, window, other).
      6. Dimensions of sign and total area of sign faces.
      7. Number of faces.
      8. Type of illumination for all signs (interior, indirect, spotlighted).


    1. Three (3) copies of drawings, to scale and dimensioned, of each proposed sign indicating materials, copy, copy color, background color, color of framing and supports. If freestanding, indicate height from grade to top and bottom of sign.


    1. Three (3) copies of a drawing, to scale and dimensioned, indicating placement of the proposed signing.


    1. Color and sample materials for all proposed signs.


    Download a PDF version of the requirements below.


    Sign Permit Application Submittal Requirements (PDF)