• Podva Property Residential Development

  • The project consists of a proposal by Ponderosa Homes to construct 20 one-story and two-story single-family homes on approximately 10 acres of a 109 acre site (preserving the approximately 99 remaining acres as permanent open space) located at the end of Midland Way in Danville. A draft Environmental Impact Report was prepared fort he project and can be found under Project Plans and Documents.

  • Project Updates

  • Draft EIR completed and available for review

    at 10/31/2013 4:38:17 PM
    The Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed Podva residential development has been completed and is available for public review. The public review period will extend through December 16, 2013. Copies of the Draft EIR are available at the Town of Danville Town Offices at 510 La Gonda Way. In addition, the Draft EIR is available for review at the Danville Public Library (400 Front Street), and at this link. Comments should be directed to David Crompton, Principal Planner, at the Danville Town Offices, or at dcromtpon@danville.ca.gov. Any comments that the Town receives on the
  • FAQ

  •     What does review of a Development Application entail?

    The Town must review a development proposal for its consistency with the Town’s General Plan and any other applicable Town Ordinances and guidelines. The Town must also study and understand the potential environmental impacts of the proposal so that an informed decision regarding the proposal can be made. The Town also coordinates with other agencies such as the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, Contra Costa County Transportation Department, and East Bay Regional Parks District to address any concerns they may have.  Finally, the Town must insure that the public review process is followed so that all interested parties have an opportunity to participate in the process.

        What is a Development Application?

    Prior to the subdivision and development any land within the Town, the Town requires that the property owner or applicant file a development application with the Town’s Planning Division. The submittal of the development application triggers the Town’s review of the proposed project and requires that the proposal follow a public hearing process. 

        What is an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)?

    An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is a planning document which evaluates the potential environmental impacts associated with a project. Typical impacts may include: traffic, air quality, noise, public services, biologic resources, water quality, visual impacts, and land use, among others. The EIR discusses these impacts and determines which ones are significant. It also describes mitigation measures to reduce the impacts to an appropriate or acceptable level, where possible.

        What opportunities will I have to comment on the proposed project and/or the Environmental Impact Report?

    Any interested party, organization, or agency may comment on the project/EIR at any time during the Town’s review process. Formal opportunities to comment on the project/EIR include: upon the Town’s mailing of the Request for Comments; upon the Town’s mailing of the Notice of Preparation of the draft EIR; upon the Town’s mailing of notice of public review period for the draft EIR; at the noticed Planning Commission and Town Council public hearing.