• General Plan Amendment

  • A General Plan Amendment is a request to change the land use designation of a parcel to a different land use (i.e. office to commercial, low density residential to higher density residential).

    General Plan amendments affect the entire community, consequently a question which may be asked of all General Plan amendment applications is, “Will this amendment, if adopted, benefit the Town or will it possibly have an adverse effect on the Town’s development?” Benefit, in this case, means promotion and enhancement of the Town’s goals and objectives as contained in the General Plan text and in related ordinances and policies. Conversely, adverse effects are defined as those effects which would hamper the attainment of the Town’s General Plan goals and objectives.

  • General Plan Amendments - Application Process

    General Plan amendments will be heard on the first regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting in April, July, and October of each year. Complete applications must be submitted at least ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled hearing date. All General Plan amendments require hearings before the Planning Commission and Town Council, the latter of which is the final approving body.

    Upon receiving a completed application for a General Plan Amendment, an initial study will be prepared and evaluated for EIR requirements. Determination of need for a focused or full environmental impact report may require rescheduling to the next available General Plan amendment hearing date. Staff requirements for focused or full environmental impact reports or any special studies or information considered necessary to process the application is appealable to the Planning Commission.

  • General Plan Amendments Submittal Requirements

    Click here to see a complete list of submittal requirements for a General Plan Amendment application.