• Police Services

  • The Danville Police Department has 42 employees who proudly serve the residents of Danville.  This dedicated group consists of 30 Officers, and 12 Civilian Support Personnel.  In addition there are 8 Reserve Officers, and 32 Volunteers in Policing that help us deliver services to the 43,000 residents.

    The department is organized into the following specialized units and teams, staffed by both sworn and civilian personnel: Administration, Patrol, Investigations, Traffic, School Resource, and Community Services.

    Our dedicated staff is committed to providing the highest quality of policing services to the Town's residents and businesses in order to enhance community safety.  To do this, we pledge to take a leadership role in developing partnerships and resolving problems within the community.  Our goal is to improve the quality of life and prevent crime in the Town of Danville.


    Automated License Plate Reader Policy

  • Danville PD Annual Reports

    Each year, the Danville Police Department provides a comprehensive view of the previous year's police efforts.

    2016 Annual Report
    2015 Annual Report
    2014 Annual Report
    2013 Annual Report 
    2012 Annual Report
    2011 Annual Report
    2010 Annual Report

  • Message from Chief Shields:

    Chief Allan Shields

    To Our Community:

    I want to take a moment and talk to you about traffic, and the importance of being safe on the roads. In the past year, our Traffic Unit has seen a slight increase in the number of accidents on our streets. It’s not a huge increase, but it’s one we’re interested in reversing. The officers have studied the major causes for those collisions, in addition to determining where and when they’re occurring.


    Our analysis has shown that the majority of the collisions were concentrated in the downtown and Camino Tassajara areas. Not surprisingly, many were caused by excessive speed, red light or stop sign violations and inattention.


    Our goal is to keep everyone in the community safe. As such, our Traffic officers are encouraging motorists to slow down and pay attention while driving.  To underscore that message, in the next several weeks the Traffic Unit will be conducting saturation patrols to mitigate and reduce collisions in Town. 


    These saturation enforcement efforts will primarily occur in the downtown and Camino Tassajara areas with a focus on speed, red light, and cell phone violators.  The Danville Police Department is asking for the public’s help in this effort to reduce traffic collisions by slowing down, stopping for stop signs/lights, and refraining from the use of cell phones and other distractions while driving. 


    I firmly believe that a successful saturation patrol would end with no tickets written because that would mean no one was speeding, everyone was stopping at stop signs and lights, and no one was using their cell phones while driving. 


    Your safety, and the safety of your families, is of paramount importance and we hope we can count on the drivers in our community to work with us in preventing further accidents and injuries on Danville streets.


    We are always looking for ways in which to connect with you, our residents. Moreover, there is an opportunity coming up in the next few weeks that will give you an inside view of the Danville PD. Our Open House is set for September 16, 2017. From 10am-2pm our officers will be available to chat, we’ll have equipment displays, demos and a tour of our facility. Bring the kids and bring your appetite, because we’ll also have hot dogs and popcorn to share.



    I look forward to meeting and talking with you! 

    Allan Shields, Chief
    Danville Police Department