• Striping & Curb Markings

  • Each year the Town of Danville’s Transportation Division receives requests to install striping or curb markings along roadways, in front of businesses and residences.

    The Federal "Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices" (MUTCD) issued by the FHWA dictates the location, size, shape and color of all traffic markings. This manual has guidelines for installing markings and thus creates uniformity from state to state. The following pages provide information to the Town's policies and process for modifications to existing striping and curb markings in Danville:

    • Roadway Striping:  Roadway striping that includes lane lines, crosswalks, bike lanes, pavement directional arrows, and STOP markings.”
    • Curb Markings: Including red curb (red "no parking" zones), green curb (time-limited parking),  yellow and white curb (loading), and blue curb (accessible parking).  Information about curb marking requests is also included in this section.