• Traffic Signals

  • There are 60 signalized intersections located within the Town of Danville. Of the 60, the Town owns and maintains 54. The remaining 6 intersections are owned and maintained by Caltrans, and which are located at the on/off ramps of El Cerro Boulevard, Diablo Road, and Sycamore Valley Road/Camino Ramon. The Town's Transportation Division determines the need for new signals and modifications to existing signals as needed.

    Traffic signals, like stop signs, are intended to provide right-of-way control at intersections. Traffic signals have the additional advantage of increasing the traffic handling capacity of the intersection, reducing the frequency of certain types of accidents, and allowing for the progressive movement of traffic along corridors such as Sycamore Valley Road and Camino Tassajara.

    The justification for the installation of a traffic signal is based on warrants established by CalTrans and the Federal Highway Administration. The warrants analyze aspects such as minimum vehicle volume, minimum pedestrian volume, accident history, and delay. Because the installation of a traffic signal may increase the frequency of some types of accidents and increase overall delay, the decision to install a signal is not always strictly based on the warrants, as a thorough study of traffic and roadway conditions must be undertaken before a traffic signal is installed.

    A typical traffic signal installation can cost anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000, depending upon the complexity of the signal. In addition, ongoing costs include maintenance and electricity in order to keep the signal operational.   The Town contracts with Contra Costa County for signal maintenance services.  

    Click here  to download an image of the current traffic signal network.