• Past Exhibits

  • 2018 Exhibits

  •     (2018) Wild

    (2018) Wild

  • 2017 Exhibits

  •     (2017) Color Play
    (2017) Color Play
        (2017) Face It

    (2017) Face It! 2

        (2017) Pleasing to the Palette

    (2017) Pleasing to the Palatte

        (2017) Recycle-Abilities

    (2017) Recycle-Abilities

        (2017) Student Recognition Project
    2017-Student Recognition Project
        (2017) Uncommon Thread
    2017: Uncommon Thread
  • 2016 Exhibits

  •     (2016) 55 inch Sea Level Rise
    (2016) 55 inches exhibit and events
        (2016) A Walk in the Park
    (2016) A Walk in the Park
        (2016) Art Tag = Inspire



        (2016) Journey Around the World
    2016 Journey Around the World
        (2016) Storybooks by the Bay
    (2016) Storybooks by the Bay
        (2016) Surfs Up
    2016 Surfs Up
  • 2015 Exhibits

  •     (2015) SRVUSD School Show
    2015 SRV School Show
        (2015) Seeing Red
    2015 Seeing Red
        (2015) Romantic Expressions

    (2015) Romantic_Expressions_in_Pastel

        (2015) Lost and Found
    2015 Lost and Found
        (2015) Float, Flutter, Fly
    2015 Float, Flutter, Fly
        (2015) Between the Shadows
    2015 Between the shadows
  • 2014 Exhibits

  •     (2014) 24 by 24

    twenty four by twenty four

        (2014) Art of the Escape
    2014 Art of the Escape
        (2014) Artful Women

    ARTful women card

        (2014) Everyday Beauty
    (2014) everyday_beauty
        (2014) Landscape of Memories
    2014 Landscape of Memories10
        (2014) The Storybook Makers

    (2014) storybook_makers

  • 2013 Exhibits

  •     (2013) Athenian Perspectives

    Athenian postcard


        (2013) Barn Dance

    Barn Dance 2013


        (2013) Cultural Currents

    cultural currents web

        (2013) NIAD Where Have All the People Gone

    NIAD exhibit postcard

        (2013) Visual Harmony

    2013 Visual Harmony

        (2013) What's So Funny? An Exhibit About Humor

    WSF announcement resized

  • 2012 Exhibits

  •     (2012) Branching Out

    branching out

        (2012) Colorscapes


        (2012) James Fortune

    James Fortune Photography  

        (2012) John and Pam Toki

    abstract dialouge announcement card

    John Toki is a respected studio artist and adjunct professor at the California College of the Arts (CCA) in Oakland, Toki is also the president and owner of Leslie Ceramic Supply Company in Berkeley, which his parents founded fifty years ago, and the co- author of several notable books on ceramic sculpture. Toki’s large-scale sculptures in clay and porcelain possess a timeless quality, inspired from forms found in nature (mountains, water, snow, sky) and suggest archaeological elements, yet they have a unique freshness in their technical complexity and resulting visual appeal. His work has been shown in the US, the Netherlands and Japan. He has completed public commissions and installations in Richmond, Berkeley, Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, and Cincinnati. 

    Pamela Stefl Toki creates her unique prints from a wet clay slab technique called clay monoprinting. This process provides her with the time to work the clay surface for hours through which she can freely implement her ideas. Each print combines Stefl Toki's imagination with imagery and designs which occasionally include colors from previous prints as the layers build with each successive print.


        (2012) Who Am I

    Who Am I  

  • 2011 Exhibits

  •     (2011) Finding Balance: Glass Art in the Bay Area

    Finding Balance: Glass Art in the Bay Area

    Finding Balance Image

    March 18 - May 7, 2011

    This invitational exhibition will delight a variety of guests with its diverse palette of color and light, rhythm and balance. Local and regional glass artists exhibit functional and sculptural objects that span decades of glassmaking in the Bay Area. From world renowned glass makers Michael Nourot and Randy Strong to up and coming protégés like ten year old Theoren Hanks, this show will highlight the variety of techniques found amongst the glass art world.


        (2011) Four Corners and a Center

     Four Corners and a Center

     Four Corners and Center

    May 20 - July 1, 2011


    This exhibition was juried by Renee Bott of Paulson Bott Press located in Berkeley, California. The 34 works from 24 artists were selected from members of the California Society of Printmakers, encompassing a range of styles and approaches based in the print medium. The selected works addressed existential themes, graphic imagery, and social commentary with insight and humor.

        (2011) Surfaces - Selections from the California Fiber Arts Group



        (2011) Telling Tales and Mixing Metaphors

    Telling Tales and Mixing Metaphors 

    Telling Tales and Mixing Metaphors Postcard

    January 7 - February 25, 2011

    Artist, curator & professor, Tanya Wilkinson along with Kirk Brooks, Tricia Grame and Priscilla Otani explore ways in which different cultures and  historical periods have used narrative art to build and express community and identity. The selected works address existential themes, graphic imagery, and social commentary with insight and humor. 

  • 2010 Exhibits

  •     (2010) Mt. Diablo

    2010 Mt. Diablo

        (2010) Once Upon a Book

    Once Upon A Book: The Fine Art of Children's Book Illustration 

    2010 Once Upon a Book

    October 15 - December 17, 2010

    This exhibit celebrates the art that we are first introduced to as children. Remember when you were a child and the images in a picture story book could take your breath away? This exhibition features the original works of several of California's most accomplished artists/illustrators of children's books who utilize a wide range of mediums, styles and techniques, and all have received prestigious awards for their highly collectible works of art.

        (2010) The Light Fantastic

    The Light Fantastic: Contemporary Irish Stained Glass

    Light Fantastic

    January 30 - March 28, 2010

    The Light Fantastic represents the work of 12 leading contemporary Irish glass artists and highlights the importance of traditional stained, painted, and etched glass in Ireland. Initially on view at the Crafts Council of Ireland, this exhibition is the first to feature secular, self-illuminated, portable glass panels.

    The Light Fantastic was developed by the Crafts Council of Ireland and toured by International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC.

        (2010) Twisted Chiseled Fired

    Twisted – Chiseled – Fired
    Invitational Sculpture Exhibition

    Twisted Chiseled Image

    July 29 – September 4, 2010.

    The ancestral practice of carving and chiseling rock until it becomes a sculpture or a temple, is a constant that is repeated throughout history. From amulets, votives figures, animals, vessels, female fertility images, sacred symbols, animals; the art of sculpting has left a record of history and speaks a universal language.
    The diverse sculptures in this ambitious, contemporary sculpture exhibition, Twisted-Chiseled-Fired, combine the unique artist’s personal concerns with content, the creative process, technical ability, traditional stone, clay, steel, metal, wire, multi-media and for some, an amazing, playful sense of humor.

  • 2009 Exhibits

  •     (2009) Peanuts

    2009 - Peanuts at Bat