• Hap Magee Ranch Park

  • Hap Magee Ranch Park (1025 La Gonda Way). Hap Magee has a storied past. A barn façade at the park entrance commemorates the park’s former life as a ranch for longhorn steer. Before the cattle called it home, the site was a summer camp for San Francisco orphans, known as Camp Swain. Look for a drinking fountain commemorating Camp Swain with a plaque and a brick rendering of children playing.

    Hap Magee’s water feature is a combination of metal tubes that form a tunnel with water spraying inside as kids run through, and water spraying up from the ground. A motion sensor activates the feature on a random circuit. This 17-acre park also has walking trails, separate play areas for younger and older children, picnic areas, and a dog park.


  • Canine Corral - Dog Parks

  • The 1.5 acre Canine Corral provides hours of leash free fun for Danville dogs. The Corral is non-monitored, and relies on its users to maintain reasonable conditions and sanitation—in other words, everybody picks-up after their dogs!

    The dog park has separate play areas for large and small dogs. The play surface is grass and includes benches, water feature and minimal shade.

    Before embarking on a trip to the Canine Corral it is important that users understand the rules and regulations to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.