Podva Property Residential Development

Draft EIR completed and available for review

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The Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed Podva residential development has been completed and is available for public review. The public review period will extend through December 16, 2013. Copies of the Draft EIR are available at the Town of Danville Town Offices at 510 La Gonda Way. In addition, the Draft EIR is available for review at the Danville Public Library (400 Front Street), and at this link. Comments should be directed to David Crompton, Principal Planner, at the Danville Town Offices, or at dcromtpon@danville.ca.gov. Any comments that the Town receives on the draft EIR will be responded to in writing. The Response to Comments document and the draft EIR will constitute the Final EIR for the project. Public hearing to consider the Final EIR and the proposed project are expected to be scheduled for early 2014. Additional notifications will be provided when public hearing dates are determined.