Animal Farm iCalendar File

  • Location: Village Theatre Art Gallery - 233 Front Street
  • From: 2/2/2018 8:00:00 PM
  • To: 2/2/2018 10:30:00 PM

by George Orwell, performed by Role Players Ensemble

After years of being held under the power of humans, the animals have driven man from the farm. Being considered the smartest of farm animals, the pigs decide to gather the animals together to establish a new "egalitarian" social order in contrast to the oppression experienced under man for centuries. Is such a society possible? George Orwell, who recently returned to the ranks of best-seller, spins a cautionary tale for our times and all times.

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Danville Community Center, 420 Front Street

Mon - Fri, 8:30 am-5:00 pm