Historic Submittal Requirements

Adequate documentation is essential to provide a complete understanding of the work proposed.  Applicants are encouraged to work with Town staff before a project is designed and an application is submitted. The final submittal requirements could vary, but may generally include the following:


  1. Completed application form (including any historical information about the site).


  1. Payment of fee in effect at the time of application submittal (payable to the Town of Danville).


  1. Site photographs (Polaroid’s are okay) showing topography, vegetation, existing and adjacent structures, and views of and from the site.


  1. A Site Plan drawn to scale, showing the existing and proposed conditions including adjacent development patterns (5 copies).


  1. An Architectural Drawing, drawn to scale (5 copies).


  1. One reduced set of the Site Plan, Architectural Drawing, and Landscape Plan (reduced to 11” x 17”).


  1. Elevations showing relationship of proposed building(s) to adjacent structure(s) or existing Heritage Resources (photographs with the proposal superimposed may be included).


  1. A material sample board no larger than 2’ x 2’ mounted with samples of exterior materials to be used showing type, texture, and color o Historic information, photographs or other documentation relating to the historical merits/significance of the site.


  1. A Structural report.


  1. A Detailed demolition plan (drawn to scale).


  1. Other such data as may be required.